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A new dimension in Skin Care Technology at LK Salons.

Loren St Klair Salon is the first salon in the North East to install and use the revolutionary, medically approved, Bioptron Polarised Light Therapy System.


Used for advanced facial treatments, it rapidly improved micro-circulation and cell oxygenation whilst enhancing fibrocyte stimulation and the production of new collagen fibre in the skin tissue, which will restore skin tightness and elasticity. The skin feels smoother and takes on a healthier appearance even from the first treatments. Scarring is less evident and fine lines and wrinkles begin to disappear. It’s like a completely natural, non-surgical face lift.


Not surprisingly, due to the bio-stimulative and regenerative properties of its wavelength, the Bioptron light goes much further than cosmetic and beauty applications. We have been treating clients with all kinds of skin problems such as Acne, Rosacea, Eczema and other skin problems like Bruises, Spotify Complexions, and many more with amazing results.


Our beautician and clients feedback is that apart from the actual physical therapeutic results, the ‘feel good’ factor you get from just 10 minutes under the light is astonishing. One feels relaxed, stress-free and full of life. We at LK Salons are convinced that the Bioptron Therapy is a must-have addition to everyone’s overall well-being and beauty regime. It truly is a valuable breakthrough in natural beauty therapy.


Bioptron light treatment is completely non-invasive and is without any harmful side-effects and absolute contra-indications. It is appropriate for use on all skin types, even in the case of tender and exceedingly sensitive skin.


Treatment times are short – 10 – 15 minutes per therapy session. The Bioptron light spectrum does not include any harmful ultraviolet rays and is classified as ‘cold’ low energy Polarised incoherent light. The device is patented worldwide and is approved as a medical device under European Union guidelines. It is also registered with the FDA (USA), the TGA (Australia) and many other countries worldwide as a listed medical device.


Treat yourself to a relaxing and pleasurable session of Bioptron light therapy and call us now on 01642 217217.